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In Memoriam

By Deb Miller, WV Senior Legal Aid Contributor

Catherine "Cat" McConnell was at the helm of West Virginia Senior Legal Aid for almost 25 years, always with music in her heart. When she passed away at age 57 on October 15, 2023, the world had to say a sad farewell to a strong-spirited, insightful, and dedicated attorney who had found her calling. 

    Seniors around the state had a strong ally who really cared about the plight of those who needed legal assistance in their later years. Cat could guide them through the confusion of benefit programs, recognize financial exploitation, get support for health issues, connect them with other experts in the field, etc. And that's a big etcetera. 

    To prepare her for such challenges, Cat earned bachelor of arts in music theory and composition and doctor of jurisprudence degrees at West Virginia University. 

    Cat provided a unique role model for those she worked with and helped. We thank Cat for appreciating how much our world needed her help.

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